Overlooking the Hakusan Mountain,
Katayamazu Onsen “Kaga Yashio” is Located by the Lake Shibayamagata,
the Land Blessed with Mineral Rich Hot Springs and
Captivating Tourist Destinations.

Kaga Yashio is superb view inn overlooking the Hakusan mountain range from the shores Shibayamagata

Katayamazuonsen is located in Kaga of Hokuriku Ishikawa Prefecture south. Highway, JR, good access from the major transportation such as airports, you can effectively use your time travel smooth move.

By public transport available, About 4 hours to Tokyo, about 2 hours to Kyoto, about 30 minutes to Kanazawa, about 3 hours and 30 minutes to Takayama.

The surrounding Katayamazuonsen, including the activities of such houseboat and cycling, traditional culture and science experience, there are a variety of ways to enjoy, such as historic sites walks.
Please try to make a perfect tourism plan on your journey!

Spacious bathtub the enjoy open-air bath and large bath

Open-Air Bath
Front of the eyes to Shibayamagata spread, great landscape Hakusan mountain range of Snow-Covered is towering. Night also I enjoy lit up the fountain. And arranged natural rock cut out from under the foot of the Hakusan, making it the rock bath specification. From the lake during the Sengen land that seeps at 72 degrees Celsius, hot water rich source has been poured. You can relaxation the mind and body in a relaxed and warmth of hot water.
Bathing time 15:00 to 11:00 p.m. / 6:30 to 10:00
Men and women of the replacement is not done.

Big Bath
Public baths that can spend the time and spacious stretched the legs. And to blow the daily fatigue, then you'll be able to refresh the body. Since Yuzame difficult if there is a moisturizing effect, please bathing carefully slowly.
Bathing time 15:00 - 24:00 / 5:30 to 9:00
Men and women of the replacement is not done.

Large Bath Amenities
Body soap, shampoo, rinse dryer
(Women only: lotion, skin cream, facial soap, etc., various issues)

Hospitality of Kaga local cuisine, reason for the treasure trove of rich ingredients Japan one of the best natural environment

Hakusan behind the Ishikawa Prefecture mountain range, and hope the Sea of Japan is in front, to Kaga from Noto Peninsula has been running a long coastline, unique natural conditions that result in rich food has aligned. In addition to delicious locality of lotus root and stock such as vegetables is refrain from near, 200 or more fish will have been said to be up on the table in the four seasons, such as shrimp and crabs Puri flounder.

Kaga Yashio is, from Osaka of Matsusaka beef specialty store "MatsusakabeefyakinikuM"like,we purchase a luxury & fine Matsusaka beef. Come once, please take a try the "real thing" with a superb texture in the exquisite softness.

Guidance of view from the window is a great location rooms

View from rooms, great location overlooking the Shibayamagata and distant Hakusan Minemine of Mizuumi-shoku Nanasai. Please spend a soothing moments.

Rooms overview and equipment amenities
All Japanese-style room 44 room (10 tatami / bus with toilet / lake-facing)
Rooms fixtures towel, bath towel, toothbrush, yukata, TV, safe, refrigerator, air-conditioning
The rooms are all rooms the same building.

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